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Independent property consultants

Anette Laudin

With her experience in high-priced house management, the business administration graduate works for us with her well-founded network as an independent real estate consultant. Reliability, high flexibility and a flair for the special characterize her and make her a trustworthy, discreet partner in search of your dream property or the sale of your property.

Through her cheerful, open nature and service orientation, she creates deep customer confidence and transmits her enthusiasm throughout the entire process.


Alexandra Kentmann

For several years now she has been working as a successful real estate consultant in the Frankfurt and Munich markets. Most recently, she worked for a world-renowned and well-known company specializing in the sale of residential real estate and leasing of commercial properties.

With her professional and competent nature, she takes over the property of Egger & Graf Immobilien independently, advising owners as well as prospective clients and advises clients throughout the entire process. Through her reliable and loyal nature, Ms. Kentmann enjoys complete customer confidence and satisfaction.


Christine von Wiedersperg

Due to many years of independent experience with a renowned international large-scale brokerage firm, she is active in our company as a freelance commercial agent and she successfully handles her business with great reliability and passion.

She is a specialist in tenancy law and furthermore she is focusing on existing real estate and land.

With her pleasant and professionally competent nature, she primarily manages real estate in Munich and the surrounding area and enjoys an excellent reputation among its owners.


Daniel Blanz

He is only satisfied when you are. Competence, reliability and loyalty are particularly important to the graduate in business administration.

His in-depth knowledge coupled with the enthusiasm for real estate and his demand for service-oriented work make you, as owner, as well as interested in Mr. Blanz, in the best of hands.


David Castro

In his capacity as architect and consulter, who in recent years specialized in luxury properties in the best locations of Mallorca, he has a wide network of recognized developers, architects, lawyers and notaries. With the help of these exclusive connections a trustworthy and well-founded settlement of all real estate transactions on the wonderful holiday island is possible without a hitch.

Seriousness, reliability and discretion characterize him - it's qualities like this, but also his multilingualism and his very sensitive way of dealing with people that his customers and us appreciate him. For him, the wishes of the customers are the top priority.


Alexandr Kastrytski

Our man for translations and international customer service.

His excellent knowledge of exclusive real estates and longstanding experience with demanding customers ensure that the residence and the buying or selling process of a real estate is a safe and uncomplicated investment for our international customers.


Zoltan Hudy

His affinity and desire to provide quality of life led him into the world of real estate. Contributing to the fulfillment of special dreams of life motivates and inspires him at the same time, whereby he benefits from his diligence and conscientiousness characterized by technical training.

Of course, as an open, accessible conversation partner, he also likes to deal with the most unusual ideas.

Multilingualism and a broad, intercultural background expand his strong communication potential and thanks to his sociable nature, he knows how to skilfully combine his passion in the field with the necessary discretion.



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