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At what price could your property currently be sold on the market? Find out the current market value, price development and trends in just a few minutes by e-mail. Regardless of the reason: if you are a property owner and would like to know the market value of your property, then this function will help you! We know the region around Munich and the surrounding area like the back of our hand.

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Therefore, this real estate valuation provides you with a first good purchase price estimate. For the sale of your property, however, the value must be determined exactly.

A visit from a real estate agent or appraiser is indispensable for a realistic market value estimate. This service is of course non-binding and free of charge.

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These 5 factors determine the value of your property


The location

Whether a property is located on a busy road or in a quiet idyll makes a considerable difference. What is the view like, what is the neighbourhood like? Are there public transport, schools, doctors and shopping facilities?


The year of construction

How old and how well maintained is the building fabric of your property? In certain times, buildings were built "faster" and in some other times more "sustainably". Art Nouveau is in demand, 60s prefabricated housing is not desirable.


The size

Of course, the size of a property determines the available living space. How many rooms are there, how big are they?
What about a terrace or garden? Is there a large plot of land?


The condition

Is your property freshly renovated and in top condition? Then the price is of course different compared to a property in problematic condition.


The furnishings

Windows, bathrooms, kitchen, floors, heating: There are very big differences here. These are decisive for the price.

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