NTV feature / June 2021 – Best broker in Munich

NTV feature / June 2021 – Best broker in Munich

Anyone interested in luxury real estate in Munich and selected properties in Mallorca or Kitzbühel can save themselves a lot of work if they call in an expert. The question of a good address leads to the Bavarian capital, where an expert based here is considered the best broker. From Munich, the professionals take care of the topics of buying, selling, renting and investing in real estate.

What distinguishes a good real estate agent?

A first step before a real estate sale usually represents the real estate evaluation. This is considered the basis for a good selling price and should be done by professionals. In principle, the evaluation can also be done by private individuals, but there is a risk that too high or too low sales prices are set.

If the price is too low, interested parties are usually found quickly, but the sale is accompanied by financial losses on the part of the seller. If, on the other hand, the price is too high, buyers who want to purchase the property at this price are rarely found.

Thus, an attractive sales price can only be achieved on the basis of a valid property value, which is why it is important to consult an expert as early as the valuation stage. Usually, the location, equipment and year of construction of the property as well as the current market situation are taken into account.

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