NTV feature / June 2021 – Luxury real estate in Munich

NTV feature / June 2021 – Luxury real estate in Munich

Broker luxury real estate in Munich: Which real estate agent is recommended?

In hardly any other German metropolis is living space as sought-after and at the same time as exclusive as in the Bavarian capital. What is already true for the “normal” market is all the more true for luxury real estate. In Munich, therefore, a traditional brokerage firm has specialized in the confidential and secure brokerage of such properties.

The mediation of exclusive real estates requires more than usual broker services


No question, also sellers of high-class residential properties expect from their broker a professional market analysis and valuation, the assessment of the market development and the right price strategy, the legally secure examination of all sales documents in cooperation with notaries and lawyers, the preparation of appealing marketing documents and finally the selection and support of the prospective buyers until the conclusion of the contract and beyond.

Luxury properties, however, require premium treatment due to their upscale demands. This includes, for example, suggestions for optimizing floor plans and examining conversion options. For marketing in the narrower sense, professional photo shoots are necessary for targeted advertising in glossy magazines and the international press, or for specially designed project websites. This also includes name or branding for exposés, booklets and brochures. Today, high-resolution videos and aerial photographs of the property in question are almost indispensable and expected by the target audience, as well as ideally the virtual real estate tour as a controllable 3D simulation.

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