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Immobilienmakler München:/Wir suchen für Sie
Wir suchen für Sie2019-11-18T11:16:08+01:00

We are searching for you

…and will surely find your dream property.

Real estate search service

You have not found your dream property in our offer, yet? In this case, we can and would like to help you – conveniently and efficiently with our special search service. You did not conclude a good purchase until everything fits: the property, the purchase price, the financing and the processing.

Without exception we offer real estate properties, of which we have previously determined or checked the market value. So we guarantee that you will not pay too much. But what is the advantage of a favourable purchase price if financing is not optimal?

Of course we do not only offer you professional advice, but we also provide you with alternative financing options on request. The handling of official accounts in the context of building law issues in advance and the preparation of the notarial purchase contract is, of course, our thing, so that you can look forward to your new home.

Let search for a property

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Grundstück, Münchener Osten

Datum 7.1.2020

Immobilienart: Grundstück Kauf
Grundstücksfläche: 500 – 2500m²
Ort: 81827 München
Umkreis: 5 km
Altbestand möglich, Baugenehmigung: Ja

Villa, Munich Grünwald

Datum 9.1.2020

Type: House for rent
Place: 82031 Munich
Perimeter: 1 km
Rooms from 8-10
Living space: 300-400 m²
Rental price from 5000,00 EUR to 8000,00 EUR
Villa or house with possibilities for commercial use.

Semi-detached House, Munich Grünwald

Datum 11.1.2020

Type: Detached House/ Semi-detached House for rent
Place: 82031 Munich Grünwald
Perimeter: 1 km
Rooms from 4,00
Living space 140 to 180 m²
Rental price from 2500,00 EUR top 4500,00 EUR
Move in: Immediately

Villa, Munich Grünwald

Datum 7.1.2020

Type: House purchase
Place: 82031 Munich
Perimeter: 2 km
Rooms from 4,00
Living space from 200 m²

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